Gluta Placenta Bright & Firm Body Uv Lotion

Gluta Placenta Bright & Firm Body Uv Lotion

Rp 299,000.00

New Kana Lotion Limited Edition (Sama Dgn Kana Lotion 

Sebelum Ya Cuma Ini Ada Extra Sheep Placenta For Firm And Smooth + Extra Glutathione Speed Whitening).
Buat Kulit Badan Kencang Bershape Dan Putih Dengan Cepat. Kandungan Bio Sheep Placenta.
Gluta Placenta bright & firm UV lotion
is enriched with placenta extract and glutathione which helps replenish and firm the skin. Gluta Placenta bright & firm UV lotion essential oil promotes cell renewal. It is a lightweight moisturizer that instantly hydrates and nourishes the skin without greasy feel. Leave the skin silky smooth and youthful.
Gluta Placenta bright & firm UV lotion
- Contains Natural Bio Placenta extract (soybean protein) to help keep skin moisturized all day long
- Whitening compounds to make skin looks brighter
- Enriched with UV filter to protect skin from harmful sun-rays
- Enriched with vitamin E which act as antioxidant agent
Skin whitening peak power of Placenta & glutahion high quality.
Easy to use ,Skin Even for those with sensitive skin.
Light cream Do not feel sticky.

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